About Us

We wish a healthy and prosperous business of our customers and appreciate such a support and encouragement which make us successful in the market.
Since S Polytech was established in 1996, we became the best engineering plastic manufacturing company with the motto of “Respect for Humanity, Development of Creativity and Coexistence and Coprosperity."

The professional enterprise for engineering plastic sheets!S Polytech is together with you.

Engineering plastic products produced and supplied by S Polytech are mostly used for leading-edge electric, electronic porducts and automobiles. Major business includes the manufacturing and sales of industrial & construction engineering plastic products and electric, electronic & automobile engineering plastic products using polycarbonate and acrylic materials.

Especially, by localizing Light Guide Panel(LGP), the core component of TFT-LCD(Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display) which used to be 100% imported, we drew an attention of the industry.
By acquiring various certifications such as Quality Management System(ISO 9001), Environmental Management System(ISO 14001), Korea Industrial Standards(KS), Quality Assurance Business(Q) and Underwriter's Laboratories Standard(UL), Also, we acquired a certification of New Excellent Technology (NET) for development of Polycarbonate Multiwall products for greenhouse for the first time in Korea

By producing and supplying the great products that are applied to cutting-edge products including television, monitor, mobile phone, automobile and electronic components through continuous quality improvement and technical development,. Also through one mind and transparent management, we will become a honest and hard working business fit for the global age. We wish you all the best and we appreciate for continuous attention and courage.
Thank you.

Hyuck Yul Lee
CEO, S Polytech Co., Ltd.