• Principle

    LCD is the passive element, so it cannot be radiated by itself. Therefore, the backlight is needed on the backside. Light Guide Plate receives the light that is radiated from a lamp by using the transparent acryl, and through a pattern of a particular area and a certain shape, it distributes the light evenly to the entire area of the screen. The light, which came in from the side of LGP, is transmitted to the inner part of LGP, and by installing the dispersion pattern on the backside of LGP, the light that hits the pattern is radiated. At this point, the distribution of the radiated light is done evenly. And at the same time, in order to fulfill the maximum luminosity, the density distribution of the dispersed pattern on the backside of LGP is regulated.

  • Features & Benefits

    - Excellent luminace and uniformity
    - Excellent heat resistance
    - High impact strength
    - Lightweight, chemically resistance
    - Superior Clarity and Transparency
    - Excellent brightness
    - Excellent durability
    - Possilble to machining on both sides

  • Type

    - Light Guide Panel for TV & Monitor
      TFT-LCD BLU Application,Interior Applicarion,Light Panel Application
    - Light Guide Panel for Laptop & Tablet PC
      Excellent luminance,Excellent stability
    - Lenticular LGP
      Application for LED TV & 3D TV,Excellent light transmittance,Excellent luminance
    - V-Cut LGP
      V Cutting Light Guide Panel for Laptop and Tablet PC,V Cutting Depth : 5㎛

EXEET LGP Standard Spec

Classification Model Color Speacification
Solid Sheet, Roll AG04 CLEAR - Thickness : 0.10㎜ ~ 12.00㎜
- Width : 800㎜ ~ 1,250㎜
- Length : Order made
Solid Sheet AG04 CLEAR - Thickness : 0.50㎜ ~ 0.90㎜
- Width : 800㎜ ~ 1,250㎜
- Length : Order made