• Typical Applications

    Houshold LED lightings, Office lightings, LED streetlamps, Lightings for display and architecture, etc.

    Structure & Function

    - The light from LED lamp is diffused by diffuser beads inside of diffuser plate. It diffuses LED light more.
    - Diffused light offers excellent diffuse transmittance, refraction transmittance, and superior illumination.

EXEET LGP Standard Spec

Type Application Use Thickness Width Length EMBO UL 94
LA03 PMMA Lightings for outdoor signs 2.0~12.0 ~1,250 ~3,000 NO HB
LH04 Polycarbonate(PC) 1.8~15.0 ~2,100 Order Made NO V2
LH04E 1.8~15.0 Bisect V2
Indoor LED lightings 1.0~15.0 ~1,220 One Side EMBO V2
1.0~15.0 One Side EMBO V2
Flammability Diffusion 1.0~15.0 One Side EMBO V0


LA03, LH04, LH04E, LH0545E, LH0555E, LH0545B, LH0555B, LH0545BF, LH0555BF


- When power is supplied to the light source, it emits light. Light, which reaches the diffusion panel, refracts and goes inside the diffusion panel.
- Light, which meets the inside diffusion material, proceed, reflecting and dispersing. In this process, there is uniform light on the whole surface.
- In this process, there is a tremendous loss of light, so the main issue of manufacturing the diffusion panel is to minimize the loss.
- Embossing product (Matte) has a characteristic to enhance illuminance and brightness through pattern processing on onside of the product in order to minimize the loss of light.

Typical Applications

Supportive Lighting, Signboard

Features & Benefits

- 2.2 times greater illuminance than other neon lights by adding light diffusion feature to polycarbonate and acrylic. (more than 220%)
- Exhibits maximum productivity and cut to size yield as EXEET SHINELUX is available in width of 2,100mm and 1,220mm.
- Conceals light source inside the frame even in ultra slim applications.
- Using advanced PC and PMMA, EXEET SHINELUX diffuses light clean and shine with all types of light source.
- Excellent impact and weather resistance for long lasting products.
- Excellent formability.
- Excellent cost effectiveness and energy saving.
- Excellent printability and durability.