Typical Applications

Mobile phone, Navigation, PMP, MP3 window, Touch panel, etc.

Features & Benefits

- Excellent abrasion resistance : EXEET SF offers superior mar and scratch resistance with its PMMA skin layer and hard coating surface.
- Excellent impact resistnace : Even 100~500㎛ of thin product has tremendous durability because of its Polycarbonate core layer.


EXEET SF is a optical transparent film specially developed by S Polytech. It composed of dual or triple layers.
- Core Layer : Polycarbonate
- Skin Layer : PMMA
- Surface treatment : Hard coating, Electrification protect coating(1~2 Layer)

EXEET SF Comparison of physical properties

Items for test Method of test Unit PC PMMA SF0012
Thickness KS B 5202 mm 0.8 0.8 0.8
Transmittance ASTM D1003 % 90 92 92
Pencil hardness KS D 6711 - 4B H 4H
TABER abrasion ASTM D1044 % 29.7 18.5 1.2
Test for dropping 50g, 50㎝ - No Break Break No Break