Based on its plastic extrusion technology and technical expertise of material development accumulated for the past 20 years, S Polytech offers and supplies innovative materials across industrial and optical plastic markets.
The R&D department of S Polytech makes an effort to maintain its No. 1 spot in the Korean engineering plastic manufacturing industry. The R&D department not only holds techniques of extruding sheets and films using engineering plastic materials such as polycarbonate, polymethyl methacrylate, etc, but also retains such process technology including compound materials technology for functionality and process control technology for the improvement of process efficiency and yield.

S Polytech continuously strives to focus on finding a new market for plastic products through multiwall sheets and co-extrusion. It also maintains excellent R&D competitiveness through future-oriented and creative thinking including the continuous development of functional products that maximize strength and make up for any weakness.

The R&D department of S Polytech promises that it will continuously endeavor to concentrate on the R & D of relevant fields with its outstanding researchers, hi-tech research facilities, and constant R&D investment in order to lead the domestic ENPLA and global markets. We are requesting for your support and encouragement.

R&D Department Structure